Packaging and Crating


We protect equipment in high-quality, cost-efficient, user-friendly packages that can meet all commercial and military standards. Packages are shock, vibration and weather resistant. They are built with easy-to-operate anchoring and bracing and can be loaded, packed and unpacked without tools. Frames are structurally reinforced, wooden crates meet international heat treatment (HT) standards and all materials are environmentally safe.

We offer a full range of services:
• On-site packaging and crating throughout California
• In-house and just-in-time packaging and crating in the San Francisco Bay Area
• Contract packaging and crating for everyday demands
• Manufacture of wooden, reusable and trade-show containers
• Assembly of clients’ existing crates
• HT-stamped crates and documentation
• Specialized and clean-room packaging
• Warehousing (Santa Clara County)

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